Cementing the future

Anderton Concrete Products provides market-leading products to a range of sectors, utilising its wealth of industry insight to find the best solutions to its customers needs

Anderton Concrete Products is a well-experienced company that’s services have gained it a highly respected reputation in the industry. The company has built this up over many years of activity, through the quality of both its products and personnel. In order to ensure that it is always providing its customers with the very best service the business is on a continuous journey to improve its current products and develop even better ones. This has seen Anderton add to its current portfolio with a range of innovative products that find solutions to the challenges that its customers face, whether that is in regards to protecting the rail industry’s cables from theft, or to supporting its clients within the builders merchants market, civils market, and more.

The company started out as a privately owned business over 50 years ago, and ever since it has been honing its skills, developing its product range, and establishing itself as a reputable and reliable manufacturer. Through the proceeding years the business experienced a number changes in ownership, and these bolstered the company and saw it incorporate new provision for the railway industry. It also acquired Wirral Concrete in 2000 to enhance its offering to the builder’s merchants market. This demonstrates the continuous growth that Anderton has enjoyed, and the ways in whichit has facilitated and supported its expanding capabilities. In 2009, the business took over the responsibility of managing the civils business of its sister company Forticrete, and this specialises in retaining wall systems. Anderton maintains the quality that comes from over five decades within the industry, however it is also always looking for the latest ways to push itself and its products even further forward.

The current product range of Anderton is divided up across the various sectors that it provides for, therefore for its customers within the builders’ merchants market it offers fencing products – both slotted posts and gravel boards, prestressed lintels, padstones, wall copings and pier caps. Within its structural and civils market the portfolio includes modular, dry laid retaining wall solutions, Stepoc – the economic alternative to shuttered concrete, as well as Keystone, an aesthetic solution in various colours, split-faced or smooth face, ideal for roadside, rail, housing developments and bridges, and lastly Slopeloc, a modular solution for hard facing slopes. The other area where Anderton applies its expertise is the rail industry, and it supplies lightweight concrete troughing called Anderlite. This is a system that houses and protects lineside cables, while also offering various security products to help prevent the impact of cable theft on the network. There are a number of other solutions that the company supplies, however these represent the bulk of its services, which extensively support the needs of its clients across a range of sectors.

The innovation at the business can be seen throughout its portfolio of products, and as mentioned, most recently it has developed a number of ways to safeguard the rail industry against cable theft. Sales Director Shaun Forrester discussed this further: “Anderton, working in close conjunction with Network Rail, has developed two different methods of theft prevention with the introduction of the patented Ander-Fin and Ander-Loc. Ander-Fin enables each metre of cable to be tied to each metre of trough, making cable removal virtually impossible. Ander-Loc provides the first line of defence against theft by anchoring each troughing lid to each trough, with access to the route only available by a specialised tool, which seriously inconveniences the common thief.”

The company’s innovation is supported by the quality of its staff, which was something Shaun highlighted as a crucial element behind its success: “The main strengths of the Anderton business are its people. We invest in the people and they invest in us. Within our external team, which numbers only eight, there is a combined experience within the construction industry of over 200 years, of which 108 years is with Anderton itself. Due to this we have knowledgeable people who know the industry, know the product and most importantly know their client.”

In addition to this the company places a high value on understanding the needs of its customers and discovering how it can best serve them: “The company has seen growth generally by concentrating on what it is good at, while fine tuning along the way. We have built a strong, reliable and loyal workforce, from the factory floor all the way through to the Directors of the business. All of which is centered on ‘the customer comes first’ ethic, ” Shaun said.

Therefore, the future no doubt looks bright for the business, as it continues to utilise its vast expertise and array of market leading products to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations. Anderton is able to build even further on its position, and will likely see strong activity from its relatively new work within the rail industry for security products and handling solutions. In addition to the rail side of the company: “The structural side of the business already looks busy for 2017, although we are constantly looking for new ideas and products to bring to the market. The builders’ merchants supply business is looking to concentrate its sales efforts on emphasising to the client theadvantages of lighter weight materials, whilst not detracting from the structural properties of the product. Anderton can offer this solution either by design or manufacturing techniques or indeed both,” Shaun concluded.

Anderton Concrete Products
Services: Manufactures concrete rail products, fencing materials and retaining wall systems, as well as a number of other precast products for the construction sector and others