New technology, new equipment

As part of a continued strategic initiative to set the standards in compact site equipment, Terex Construction has made significant investment into its production technology and staffing, culminating in the development and production of an all-new range of compact equipment and machinery technologies

Terex Construction is a global market leader in the development and manufacture of compact plant equipment. The company, which previously featured in the magazine back in February 2016, has recently made a number of significant improvements to its equipment portfolio, alongside developing a comprehensive range of new technologies.

Over the past few months, Terex has continued to focus on further developing its equipment technology, improving production processes and expanding its team – an initiative implemented to ensure that the company can build upon its position as a market leader within the compact construction industry.

Marketing Manager, Allison Tucker, discussed how this was achieved: “Over the past few months, we have installed and commissioned a brand new site dumper production line, which is believed to be the most innovative of its kind anywhere in the world. The line has been running for almost ten months now and is delivering significant benefits for our staff and customers.

“As the next stage in our investment programme, we are looking to implement similartechnology for our backhoe loader manufacturing process.While some companies like totalk about spending money, we can demonstrate the outcomes of investing in our company and developing a state-of-theart product range. Because of this continued investment, we consider our equipment manufacturing process – and resulting product line up – absolutely world-class.”

In addition to the investments made at its production headquarters in Coventry, the company has also recently unveiled a number of new products and equipment technologies. One such product isa new Terex backhoe loader.

Allison explained: “Last month (September), we invited our global distributor network to Terex Coventry for a preview of the product and to show them the investments made in our factory. The new backhoe loader is positioned in the market as an entry level option, which will offerproductivity at a cost-effectiveprice point – for both distributors and customers. We’re expecting to launch the new product later this year.”

Mark Royse, Product Manager – site dumpers and compaction rollers, concluded: “One key aspect of the machine is its superior maneuverability compared to competitors. We expect it to be well received by customers.”

Continuing the trend towards improvements and innovation,the company has also pioneered several new technologies across its site dumper portfolio. Introduced as part of a continued strategic initiative to set newstandards in the compact equipment marketplace, the technologies will improve model productivity, reduce maintenancerequirements and deliver greater fuel economies for operators and site managers alike.

The first new technology – Stop/Start Control – has been designed with safety in mind.With suitable interlocks in place to prevent unexpected movement, the third-party reviewed system will automatically start and stop the engine in predeterminedconditions. Compliant with ISO13849 functional safety, the innovative technology meansthat, when loading materials, site managers will no longer have to worry about equipment beingleft running throughout the dayand night.

Complementing Stop/Start Control, the latest models now feature Powershift transmission as standard. Available with either a manual or optional Autoshift gearbox, this addition will allow even smoother and more efficient gearshifts, helping to maintain speed when it is needed most.

Autoshift, which has been developed in-house by Terex engineers, offers a simple way to change gear at optimised points based on both laden and unladen profiles on varied terrain and ground conditions. This promotes improved fuel efficiency, productivity and simpler operation.

These developments and improvements clearly show Terex’s ambition to provide customers with market-leading site equipment. Allison explains: “The technological advancements and our patented technology help to really set us apart from others in the market, giving our dealers a hook for selling the product to the end customer.” Mark confirmed a key benefit offered to dealers and customers: “Ultimately all aspects reduce the cost of ownership.”

One resounding message that comes across from Terex is that the company will continue to make investments, continue to develop new products and continue to push technology forward – all while aiming to provide the best compact equipment for its dealers and end customers across the world. The company is not short-sighted, but instead looks towards the long term, consolidating its position as a leading player in the industry for decades to come. Terex looks poised to set the precedent for plant equipment, and will lead where others will follow.

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