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Norfolk based DSP Supplies focuses on expanding its production capacity as demand continues to grow in a revitalised market

DSP Supplies Sheringham is a sand and shingle quarry situated on the North Norfolkcoast and supplies aggregates to local construction, farming, landscaping and DIY sectors,” begins General Manager, Shane Clark. “Opened in 1947 the annual production of material at the quarry has varied over the years to suit local demand with around 70,000 tonnes per year produced at its busiest period.” With a successful history behind it, recent years for the company have been defined by diversification and expansion, and in 2011 the company opened a small builder’s merchant on site that offers a wide range of building products and materials to trade and general public. “This allows DSP to be a one-stop-shop for a range of building materials,” Shane adds.

Core to the company’s success in the region are the quality of its products and a committed focus on delivering excellent customer service levels. DSP’s product offering ranges from a variety of sands and shingles, whole stone and hoggin to recycled materials such as crushed concrete, tarmac and screened soil. “We supply a wide range of customers from small local builders to the larger national house builDSP Supplies 2ders, ground workers, ready mix concrete companies, farmers and DIY enthusiasts,” outlines Shane.

Such an offering, coupled with the strong relationships the company has established with itscustomers on a local and national level, means that recent business for DSP has been positive. “From the middle of 2014 onwards the company has experienced a growth period as the local construction industry began to recover from the recent recession,” continues Shane. “The increasein local business coupled with several new contracts to supply large quantities of aggregates to large sites and manufacturing firms meant that we had to look at different ways to fulfil our orders. To overcome these challenges we have increased our fleet of delivery vehicles, our workforce and have built up a strong and reliable network of sub-contracted labour that we can call on as and when required.”

A major part of this growth came from a supply agreement with another East Anglian firm, Lignacite. Based in Brandon, Suffolk, Lignacite is a national leader in manufacturing sustainable concrete blocks, which have been used in a number of high profile construction projects including London 2012 Olympic sites. “Set up in 2014, this is an agreement to supply specially blended sand for their concrete block production,” explains Shane. “This demonstrates that we have the capability to not only supply outside of our local area but also to adapt our products to suit a customer’s needs.”

With this recent success in mind, DSP Supplies is focused on ensuring it is able to keep up with growing demand in the market and to do this is investing heavily into increasing its capacity. “We have just placed an order with CDE Global for a new washing and screening plant,” says Shane. “This plant will replace a barrel type plant that was installed in 1969 and will give us the opportunity to increase our production and efficiencies as well as continuing to produce the quality products that we are known for. Once the new plant is installed, and by increasing our production, we will have the capability to supply material to new projects.”

As DSP grows, it is working carefully to manage its expansionand this is a particular focusfor Shane and his team over the next year. “For the next 12 months, our main focus will be on production and delivery,” he notes. “With the new plant on the way it is important that we focus our efforts on working this into our operations in the most efficient way as we take our products to market.” As with any expansion, challenges arise and DSP’s location in the North of Norfolk is one of these: “The quality of our local road network can make haulage a challenge, however we feel that this can be overcome if it is managed correctly using both our own fleet and sub-contract haulage,” adds Shane. This location challenge is also offset by a second branch in Norwich, which boasts improved infrastructure links and provides many of the same products and services as in Sheringham.

DSP Supplies demonstrates a confident yet considered approach to a market. A smart outlook on carefully managing growth is arguably critical in order to ensure long-term success in today’s booming construction market, and this attitude is evident as the company looks forward. “The main goal over the next few years is to secure the future of the company,” concludes Shane. “This will be achieved by our recent investments and by opening up new areas of the quarry to ensure a continuous supply of material. The improved efficiency that is expected from the new plant will allow us to remain competitive in the market place whilst also continuing to produce good quality products.”

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